Easy solar financing with Generations

Easy Solar Financing with Generations

Generations, a division of Community 1st Credit Union, is proud to offer personalized lending solutions for all of Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. Generations has been serving Washington state since 1939 and has been a leader in solar financing for ten years. Solar financing is easy and affordable with Generations. We provide simple funding that's as easy as getting a car loan. In addition to a seamless process, you'll also receive full member benefits as a member of Generations, a division of Community 1st Credit Union. We value our members and strive to meet all of your financial needs, which includes simple and convenient lending.


100% Financing

At Generations, we'll finance your entire solar loan project, including the cost of the solar panels, equipment, and the installation. Our solar loans may not require a down payment and there are no out of pocket fees, costs, or surprise expenses. You'll enjoy the benefits of your new solar array long before you need to spend a dime.

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Deferred Payments

Generations offers deferred payment options that will allow your first loan payment to coordinate with your tax refund. Your solar array could begin to pay for itself before you even make your first payment!

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Instant Approvals

Our seamless online application allows an expedited approval process, so you can get your install started right away. Many loans can be approved instantly so that you can focus on your installation instead of the financing. You'll also get first class service with our skilled and experienced lending team.

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Stand-alone Financing

Generations will fund the whole project, including the cost of the solar panels, equipment, and installation, without any home equity requirements. You won’t have to worry about an appraisal or a complicated funding process.


Are you a Solar Contractor? Become a Partner!

Generations partners with many local contractors to offer superior solar financing for your customers. We provide easy applications, fast approvals, and quick payments so you can get the install started right away.